An Outlier’s Plea to God

The myriad ways in which struggle to control infests the veins;

The mighty change blurs the ability to screen.

‘Turn the Corner’, they said; spring back I will, only a fool says it’s late;

It’s my whim, I chose, I do, I create.

Clasping at the fate’s giant cape, one too many men’s hope;

‘Tomorrow will be a better day’, today I can walk the rope.

Yesterday I was naive, today I am wise;

‘A new galaxy found will have a star, and for me it will rise.’


See! Oh look! Happiness smiled at me;

Wait, it was here, to where did it flea?

‘A beautiful day is followed by a dark night’;

Clasp your fists, push with all your might.

I am there; it’s around the corner, I can see it, maybe I should approach with caution;

‘Patience is a necessary ingredient to success’s concoction.’

Not for me will the corners turn; there’s no day that for me will shine;

Millions of hope-devoid black holes own me; only darkness is mine.

I can twist, I can turn, I can build and shatter in million;

The paradise to me is lost, I cry in oblivion.

From today, I will cease to exist;

I’ll smile and smile, for a burglar or for a priest.


Knock Knock!

Who is it?

I am Happiness, and I am here to stay;

Shoulders hunched, moist eyes, wrinkles on the skin; he walked away.

Old man walking away

Happiness smiled its wry smile and to its eternal abode it fled;

It peeked from there; while the man bled.

Another consumed, who will now worship at your shrine?

Oh Lord, are there no warriors left in your world, Happiness whined?

God turned to the mirror, Happiness from His heart glanced along;

I put you where I knew they will find you. How did they get it wrong?

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